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GRASPOR bundle, medium




GRASPOR is your new training partner!
Whether you want to become a better cyclist, need help managing your training or are recovering from an injury; GRASPOR can help you!


GRASPOR requires both the device and sleeve to function, and getting a sleeve in the correct size is important to ensure data quality.

The GRASPOR muscle oxygen sensor uses highly sensitive infrared light sources and a sophisticated algorithm to measre your muscle oxygen in real-time. This is also the main processor for the data GRASPOR provides.

The sleeve is made from a stretchy textile, to ensure wearing the sleeve for an extended period of time is comfortable. On the outsite of the sleeve is layer of laminate to ensure complete darkness around the GRASPOR muscle oxygen sensor. On the inside of the sleeve are 2 textrodes, which measures your muscle activation.

Size guide:
S= 44-48cm

Sizes are the circumference of your thigh, and should be measured on the mid point bewteen your knee and hip.
The sleeve should sit tight on your leg, but not be uncomfortable to wear. 

Technical details: 

Battery life: approximatley 8 hours on a full charge

The sleeve is not machine washablebut should be rinsed under running water and left to air-dry.

Weight: Muscle oxygen sensor, 28g, Sleeve 46g.

Connectivity: BLE

Made in Denmark

Sytem requirements:
Android: Minimum API version 21, recommended API version 25.
iOS: Minimum version 10.0, reccomended version 12.0+

*Using older version may cause issues with the app.